I’m a hobby photographer in the process of learning to take my ¬†photography to a more prefessional level. I received my first DSLR only a few years back, being rather interested in videography at that point. It took a while until I discovered the beauty and the thrill of taking great photographs (instead of simple snapshots). I’m mainly into landscape photography.

As the work I put into my shots increased, I thought: Why let them gather dust on the harddrive, only being presented once to family members?
Photos are meant to be looked at! That’s the purpose of taking them after all, right?

So I started this blog to show people my work, get feedback, tell them how the photos were taken and the stories behind them. I’m also keen to get in touch with other photographers or photography enthusiasts and have a nice exchange.

That being said: Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll stay :).

Twitter: @sceneryshots

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