My New Year’s Eve Trip To Prague

Following are some of my images including commentary I took in Prague during the two days I went there for New Year’s Eve.


Prague is even more beautiful during winter than during summer in my opinion. The low sun definitely adds to that even more. This is the chrismas market on the Old Town Square.


One thing you can’t say about Prague on New Year’s Eve: It’s not less crowded than during summer. In contrast, it’s one of Europe’s most frequented cities during this time. And the Karl’s Bridge was packed as you can see! But I really dig this silhouette shot!


Another nice high contrast shot :).


We were extremely lucky with the weather. It was sunny all day and the view over the city from the castle hill was amazing!


What are all these people waiting for, you ask? Well, to visit the castle. They must have been standing there for hours! And it was freezing!


On top of the hill it was beautifully winterly.




After we had walked for 6 hours and our hands were falling off because of the cold, we went to this beautiful twenties style coffee house. They even played live music in the back there!


This is again the Karl’s Bridge at night, finally with fewer people on it ;).

More photos are following in the next post. I hope you liked those above. Have you ever visited Prague? If you’ve written about cool city trips you did, post them below, I’d really like to read them.


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